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Wireless IP Camera - 1 Megapixel, 1 / 4 CMOS Sensor, Dual Wi-Fi Antennas, Tilt + Pan, SD Card Slot, Wi-Fi HotSpot - main image.
Wireless IP Camera - 1 Megapixel, 1 / 4 CMOS Sensor, Dual Wi-Fi Antennas, Tilt + Pan, SD Card Slot, Wi-Fi HotSpot - next image.
China Vasion
This 1 Megapixel IP Camera has a 1 / 4 CMOS sensor 1280x 760 resolutions and dual Wi-Fi antennas for better connectivity, it also has tilt and pan functions. Comprehensive Surveillance CoverageThis 1 Megapixel IP Camera with 1 / 4 CMOS sensor has Dual Wi-Fi antennas to provide a stronger and more stables signal that can be used over greater distances allowing you to mount the camera on its included bracket almost anywhere in your home, office or work. It has great area coverage with a 60 degree angle lens, which you can pan through 270 degrees and tilt up to 120 degrees so nothing can escape its attention. It also has IR support so can capture images and video up to 10 meters away in poor light conditions. Wirless Hotspot FunctionsThe 1280x720 resolution will provide good quality video that can be stored on a SD card and viewed using the HotSpot function that allows the video to be viewed by directly connecting your mobile phone with your computer. Alternatively you can use the free DDNS provided by the manufacturer. Its quick and easy to set up just connect this IP camera to your router and a suitable power supply, install the provided software from the included CD and enjoy the security and peace of mind that a quality security solution brings. This product is in stock now, we guarantee next working day shipping and offer a 12 months warranty on all our products. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices and wholesale Security Cameras, Chinavasion. At a Glance. Double WIFI Antenna IP Camera 1.0 Megapixel 1 / 4 CMOS Sensor Pan + Tilt Functions Support phone for iPhone + Android
4 Channel DVR System - PAL / NTSC, H.264, Motion Detection - main image.
4 Channel DVR System - PAL / NTSC, H.264, Motion Detection - next image.
China Vasion
4 Channel DVR security system featuring PAL / NTSC video system as well as H.264 compression to record record high resolution videos and view them over internet. This 4 Channel DVR System from Chinavasion is a fantastic way to for you to monitor your home, plus it has cutting edge functions and an ultra-compact design making it lightweight and easy to carry unlike other DVRs. Connect up to 4 security cameras with this DVR and it enables you to comfortably take control of them in addition to choosing to view single or all 4 cameras simultaneously. Supporting both PAL and NTSC video systems, this DVR has a video resolution of 360x288 and 360x240 as well as using H.264 video compression. The advantage of H.264 is that it is a common standard used by more security equipment for video recording as it compresses and reduces the size of the file while maintaining fantastic quality. With support for TCP / IP, UDP, HTTP, NTP, DHCP, and DDNS network protocol, it is possible to connect the DVR Security System to your LAN or even the Internet. Even if you are in another location, you can always observe who is ruining your garden or what your employees have been doing just as long as you have a computer with internet access. You can even command your DVR to capture still images and videos as solid evidence for further legal actions. This DVR even comes with a remote controller and a mouse to make navigation and use even easier. A great wholesale price makes this 4 Channel DVR Security System perfect for reselling online, or personal / company use. This product is in stock now and can be dispatched within 1 working day with our famous 12 month product warranty. Order yours right now, from the leading electronics wholesaler, Chinavasion. At a Glance. 4 Channel DVR System PAL / NTSC Video Systems H.264 Video Compression Motion Detection 4 Channel Simultaneous Recording / Viewing
8 Channel DVR System `Secure Vision` - 4 Indoor + 4 Outdoor Cameras, 700TVL, 1TB HDD, H.264 - main image.
8 Channel DVR System `Secure Vision` - 4 Indoor + 4 Outdoor Cameras, 700TVL, 1TB HDD, H.264 - next image.
China Vasion
8 Channel H.264 DVR System with an included 1TB HDD as well as 4 indoor and 4 outdoor cameras with a resolution of 700TVL allows you be like a spider spying on the unknowing fly. Spiders are excellent hunters they have 8 legs and 8 eyes. This incredible and extremely versatile DVR `Secure Vision` security kit comes with 8 cameras, with 4 designed for outdoors and 4 designed for indoors. Ideal for home and office, private and public, this DVR includes everything you need to instantly set up a security perimeter. You can connect the DVR to your monitor and watch the surveillance video as you can choose any camera or have 8 of them on screen simultaneously. A combination of 4 waterproof outdoor and 4 indoor dome cameras allows this security surveillance kit to become even more diverse in where the cameras can be located. The 4 outdoor cameras are waterproof and have 36 infrared LEDs to help give a clearer picture of any footage it is monitoring. The indoor cameras are stylishly domed shaped and have a moderate 48 IR LEDs. With H.264 video compression, the video records at a lower bit rate but with higher quality, which just means better video and less storage required. H.264 is a standard for video compression, and is currently one of the most commonly used formats for the recording, compression, and distribution of high definition video. The cameras that come with the Secure Vision security package have a horizontal resolution of 700 TVL, which means the picture is created by electron beam scanning from the upper left and moving horizontally to the right and moving down until it reaches the lower right of the screen. 700 TV lines mean that it takes 700 scans to get the job done and this is repeated to produce a clear image. The Secure Vision security DVR and camera package even comes with a full featured remote control to help control your DVR from a distance to make operating it that little bit easier. The Secure Vision DVR has a selection of ports for connection as well to back up and transfer data, one of these ports is a HDMI, which is becoming a popular connection with most electronic hardware due to the clear quality picture that can be sent via a connection. A handy feature is that you can monitor what the cameras are viewing via your mobile phone, and the software is compatible with major mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android. Build your own security observation web with this complete DVR security system Secure Vision that has 8 cameras and plenty of useful features to give you everything you need to immediately set up your own security zone. This product is in stock and can be dispatched within 48 hours of ordering with a 14 month warranty. Brought to you by the leaders in wholesale electronics and security DVRs, Chinavasion. At a Glance 8 Channel DVR Surveillance Kit with 4 Outdoor and 4 Indoor Cameras H.264 Video Compression 700TVL Resolution for the Cameras 1TB HDD Included