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3.5 TFT Wireless Video Intercom Doorbell - 1 / 4 Inch CMOS, 6 IR LED Lights, 320x240 - main image.
3.5 TFT Wireless Video Intercom Doorbell - 1 / 4 Inch CMOS, 6 IR LED Lights, 320x240 - next image.
China Vasion
3.5 TFT Wireless Video Intercom Doorbell kit comes with a monitor and a separate camera to help you feel more secured when at home. Worried about who may be outside your front door? Once installed, this wireless video intercom will allow you the ability to see who is at your front door. The portable monitor lets you see who is in front of the doorbell camera, and you can keep a watchful eye and with a 300 meter max transmitting range in ideal conditions between the camera and the monitor with a 2.4GHz wireless signal you can place the monitor where is most convenient for you. The doorbell monitor is made of aluminum alloy and ABS Plastic making it fairly sturdy to operate outside and under cover on your porch. With a 320x240 resolution, the 3.5 inch monitor will display clearly enough for you to identify the visiting guest therefore you if it some undesirables wanting to tarmac your drive way you know not to answer the door. In comparison to many complicated door video phone systems, this 1 / 4 inch CMOS doorbell intercom is extremely easy to install. The outdoor camera can be simply attached to walls with the provided screws. The buttons this intercom system are very intuitive and user friendly. Youll have your system working in no time. With 6 built-in LED lights, this intercom has a night visibility of up to 1 meter allowing clear night-viewing as well as helping you top provide 24 hour monitoring. Perfect for keeping your eye out for unwanted visitors like would-be thieves, annoying sales people, and survey takers, this wireless video intercom doorbell kit is also ideal for hosting a successful party. This product is in stock and can be dispatched within 24 hours of ordering with a 12 month warranty. Brought to you by the leaders in wholesale electronics and security gadgets, Chinavasion. At a Glance 3.5 TFT Color Display 0.3 Megapixel Door Camera 2.4GHz Wireless Connection
4 Camera Surveillance System `SecureONE III` - H.264 DVR, 500GB HDD Included, 4x Dome Cameras - main image.
4 Camera Surveillance System `SecureONE III` - H.264 DVR, 500GB HDD Included, 4x Dome Cameras - next image.
China Vasion
Camera Surveillance System kit have an extra set of eyes that you need when protecting your property as it includes a H.264 DVR with 500GB internal memory as well as 4 Dome Cameras.4 Camera Surveillance SystemChinavasion is a firm believer that security is necessary and that is why Chinavasion is offering the SecureONE III kit complete system for local as well as remote surveillance. This security surveillance system features a state of the art H.264 digital video recording unit, four top of the line Sony CCD security cameras, 500GB hard disk drive, and all the accessories you`ll need for total private or public security. The SecureONE III camera surveillance system is capable of recording video feeds using the H.264 MPEG-4 compression standard. H.264 formats offers the best video quality while maintaining low bit file size. This is significant as most users will be running the security cameras during both day and night and thats totals up to a huge amount of captured video. The SecuerONE III allow you to save surveillance feeds directly to a network or USB drive as well as saving it to the an internal drive for the most well-organized method of video feed archiving. Four Dome CamerasThis security surveillance system also contains with four Sony lens CCD dome cameras for the best balance of size and robustness. Different from standard or bullet type security cameras, dome cameras are very sturdy because all the moving parts and cables are hidden by a tough exterior shell that helps protect the insides better. As the cameras have 24 infrared sensors, they are capable of seeing everything, even when the sun goes down. In addition to all of this, this system even has a built in motion detection sensor therefore it can detect any unusual activity when it is in range. Ideally to be set up at any property, either work or home, this SecureONE III Camera Surveillance System kit is an additional set of eyes. Order now and have it shipped within 24 hours with a 12 month warranty. Brought to you by the online leaders in wholesale electronic devices and security cameras, Chinavasion. At a Glance. H.264 Compression Standard 4 Separate Video Channels Supports Motion Detection 500GB HDD Included USB Mouse Included Network Function 1 / 3 SONY IR Dome Cameras